5 Ways To Connect With People You Can’t See Right Now


We are all experiencing some kind of disconnect right now.

Whether you are in ‘lockdown’ with your family, friends or on your own we are all missing people, connections, birthdays, weddings and just moments that matter to all of us.

We are a month into this strange new world and by all accounts, it seems we may need to embrace this disconnect for sometime. Some of you (like me) may have family members who are being ‘shielded’ and questions around when you might get to actually see them again in real person are ever at the forefront of your mind.

You may have baked the banana bread, made the rainbow and organised the cutlery draw (I have done none of these by the way) but the one thing you may not have tackled with gusto is connecting with others outside your home. Facetime and other multimedia platforms are wonderful way to connect but your world is very small right now and with that can come small talk…which I found myself doing this week, badly.

So below are just some of the ways I am aiming reconnect with people I miss as we navigate through the next few weeks and months of the new normal.

Workout buddy

My sister lives in Singapore where they are currently going through a (more glamorously named) Circuit breaker.  We are on different time zones but going through the same highs and lows of the lockdown. So we recently decided to do a workout together. She does it in her evening and I do it in the morning. She sends an appropriately amusing GIF to share her pain of the workout and I respond when I finish…it has given us at least 10 minutes of conversation when we catch up, if nothing else but to moan about our aching muscles.

We love this workout because there is no talking and it is a 12 week programme uploaded for free.

Bring back letters

I have always been one for writing a letter. It was a habit instilled in me from a young age and whilst I admit to not being very regular with my letter writing, when I do write or receive one it brings so much joy. If you have small children, get them involved writing to Grandparents or their class friends as a pen pal – which can be delivered on you daily walk. Upgrade your letters to include a seal wax which bring a whole new level to signed, sealed and delivered.

New kind of cookery show

Find yourself thinking about food all the time? If you are eating food, you are cooking it, ordering it, planning it, cleaning it away. Spice things up a little by calling up a relative and getting them to talk you through a recipe. Perhaps you have a star chef in the family who can share some well guarded family food secrets during these trying times. If you have children perhaps a grandparent can talk your little ones through a quick macaroni cheese (while you keep an eye on them of course) Perhaps getting the family together to cook together, you know what they say….those that cook together…

Write a book together

Whilst you may not have accomplished a new language or written a best seller….yet, you might want to consider getting the family or friends book written. Start a topic, perhaps a family holiday from your childhood or the title of Christmas or Birthdays and get your loved ones to contribute with their memories or pictures from the event. Using shared docs or something simple as google docs allows people to edit a document and contribute. You can make it look all pretty and final through a number of publishing sites when you feel your book is complete.

The Wishing Jar

You may need to get imaginative about this but creating a virtual wishing jar is a lovely way to plan and dream with your friends and family. Getting everyone to come up with places they will want to visit when we are through the other side of all this. Day trips out together, themes for dinner parties, birthday events, restaurants you might want to visit, plays to watch and anything else you might want to do. It can be a lovely way to fill your calendar from 2021 or just a nice way of exploring the ideas you might all have for how you want to spend your time together.

Oh and an extra one

Read a book together. Start a family book club. Pick a book, set a deadline and share your thoughts. You could do the same for films or shows you want to watch.

If you have some ideas you can add, please do let me know. Always looking to be inspired.

Whilst we navigate our way through these challenging days, if you want to send a birthday gift, a little something or just want to let someone know you are thinking of them, then take a look at some of EsmeLoves jewellery, which can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal note to someone you love. You can purchase a gift card for someone if you think they might like to choose a gift, at a time that suits them. If you have any questions, get in touch.


Take care


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