The Art of Gifting

In a time where we are seeing themes such as ‘Second hand September’ and social media influencers openly promote the hashtag #wearyourwardrobe, we find ourselves questioning our own shopping habits. The rise of fast fashion has led to the fall of purchases and we are becoming more aware of the impact of our quick buys and changing styles.

We are more mindful than ever, not just about our own shopping habits but about the shopping habits of others, from less plastic, to more environmentally kind cottons we are all trying to shape our responsibility when it comes to parting with our hard earned money for purchases on or off line.

Mindful gifting is an area that is on the rise. Buying gifts for people that are timeless, lasting and affordable makes the art of gifting something to be desired.

One value we hold dearly at EsmeLoves is the art of gifting. EsmeLoves was born out of a desire to gift others. Founder Sophie Bawa was living in India when her daughter was born and she wanted to celebrate the addition of a daughter to the family. Struggling to find something symbolic and unique enough to send to her friends and family, Sophie designed the EsmeLoves Necklace with Rose Quartz, a symbolic sign of love. Being in India meant Sophie had the resources of some of the best gem cutters and artisans in Jaipur and this fuelled a love for gemstone jewellery that would go on to support EsmeLoves core value.

90% of EsmeLoves purchase jewellery for gifting. From mothers to sisters, friends and nieces, EsmeLoves jewellery is perfect for gifting those you love, it was born from this very need. Each piece of jewellery is hand wrapped in a Jaipur handprinted cloth jewellery bag. We add personalised notes, we do next day delivery. We are here for your gifting needs.

So you need a gift? What to buy?

See below for some gifting ideas and check our website for more ideas.

opal earrings gemstone esmeloves jewellery, silver gold plated
Opal earrings, delicate, timeless and perfect for gifting.


blue chalcedony
Blue Chalcedony is a gemstone of protection
rainbow moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone connects with our inner Goddess

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