Rings for Spring

Did you know that wearing a ring on a particular finger has meaning?

We have seen the Duchess of Sussex wearing small gold rings on her fingers at many public engagements and there has been much speculation as to why and what it might mean.

From the wedding and engagement finger to leadership in your forefinger, check out the graphic below to see what rings mean on different fingers and why you might want to extend on your ring collection.


  • To wear a ring on your forefinger brings about confidence and an increased sense of authority.
  • A ring on your middle finger can reduce anxiety and bring about a sense of emotional balance.

Our hands and fingers are our power points. From the timeless mediative position of pressing the forefinger and thumb together to represent the power of whole, our hands and fingers give meaning to the smallest of movements and moments.

Take a look here at the rings for spring I am wearing this month.


The delicate blue Alpa ring in Aquamarine

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