Silver plated jewellery, is it worth it?

I often get ask if EsmeLoves jewellery is silver. The answer is simple, yes it is. EsmeLoves only uses Sterling Silver for all jewellery products. 

3 silverneck

Yes, we plate items, we plate many of the jewellery items with 18 carat Yellow gold and Rose gold. We plate to the requirements of Vermeil, which means the plating is at least 2.5 microns thick. Some ‘gold plated’ products on the market may be flash plating or just 1 micron which means the plating may fade or tarnish quickly. 


Plating often has negative associations, partly because the plating will fade, however by plating items, it allows people to purchase a piece of jewellery that appears gold and by plating, it is accessible for most budgets. Buying pure gold is a long term investment, gold is costly and whilst it is a lovely precious metal, it might not be the kind of gift you wish to invest in on a regular basis. 

Why plate silver? 

EsmeLoves plates over the top of sterling silver. Why? Because silver is a precious metal. Throughout history silver has been used as a currency and it holds value. Through the centuries people would trade in silver, it was one of the first precious metals to be discovered and it has a history. It is a valuable metal and whilst not as costly as gold it is a beautiful metal. So whilst the plating may fade over the years, you still have a precious metal jewellery item. You can choose to re-plate your jewellery item if you wish. That is important to us. We want you to keep your jewellery, to gift it on. Silver is a wearable metal for all ages and so gifting silver on to others is a lovely way to ensure your jewellery has a second life. 

My silver goes black, why is this? 

Silver reacts to toxins and unfortunately we live in a toxic environment. When silver was first discovered it was noted for its shine and its ability to keep its lustre. It is only through the last 100 years that the air has become polluted with sulphur which is what creates a tarnished look for your jewellery. Want to know how to avoid this? Read this post for more. 

Be careful….

Check what you are buying. Often you will see ‘gold colour’ or ’22 carat gold’ when looking at descriptions of jewellery items alongside a very attractive price. Check whether it is plating (it is actually illegal for retailers not to say if something is plated) and check what it is plated over. Gold plated brass is a very common combination in jewellery and brass can often lead to allergies and sensitive reactions (green ears anyone?)  Brass is also a cheap metal and so you may find you are paying for over the odds on a item that is really not that valuable. 

But I am allergic to silver! 

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver (pure silver is too soft to work with and not appropriate for jewellery) It is very rare to be allergic to silver, what you may find is you are allergic to the metal that silver has been alloyed with to make it useable. Sterling silver is usually alloyed with copper as is the case with EsmeLoves jewellery BUT in some cases Nickel is used and it is the nickel element that often people are allergic to, unfortunately once an allergy to nickel has developed it can persist for years so any earrings or rings that have triggered a reaction will continue to create a reaction when you wear them. EsmeLoves DOES NOT use nickel in any products and therefore completely safe for those who are sensitive to some metals. 

Silver is timeless

EsmeLoves loves the fact that silver holds stories, the trading, the use of silver for talisman items, tribal jewellery, it has been around since 2868 BC when Egyptians valued Silver more than gold. Through history as more silver mines were discovered the price of silver has come down but it is still a commodity, a precious metal that holds it value. 

EsmeLoves is about timeless relationships, moments that last longer than days and a celebration of the generations of love we experience through life. Much like silver, EsmeLoves is a symbolism of those moments and people who stand the test of time.

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