Gifts for Bridesmaids

They were there for you when you had your first real ‘love’…

They were there for you when you had your heart broken for the first time..

They answered the phone in the middle of the night for a chat…

They were the first person you told about your new boyfriend…

They were the one who cried when you said you were engaged…

They were the one you shared your wedding Pinterest board with when you started planning your wedding…

They are the one who will walk before you down the aisle at your wedding….

Its not just an important day for you. It’s a special day for your darling friend and maid of honour.

So how to make this moment a shared moment for you both?

EsmeLoves jewellery is an expression of a connection. A way to celebrate a friendship and a shared moment with timeless and beautiful gemstone jewellery.

Below are a few ideas that might help celebrate your friendship and your momentous day.

Silver and rose quartz

You might want to wear something small on your wedding day , a delicate silver bracelet with rose quartz (for unconditional love) adds a subtle and soft feel to your wedding outfit. Your maid of honour could have a matching bracelet or necklace for her own. A subtle and significant way of celebrating your friendship that lasts beyond the day itself


3 silverneck


Vintage wedding

Perhaps your wedding is a vintage look, a gorgeous collaboration of embroidered lace and wild flowers adorn your rustic and beautiful setting. Rose gold is a beautiful compliment to this look and coupled with a rainbow moonstone (representing feminine energy) both you and your bridesmaids can bring a touch of timeless elegance to your wedding outfits with rose gold bracelets and necklaces.



The Royal affair

Bring a touch of richness to your day with the Blue Chalcedony gemstone and yellow gold. The bracelets and necklaces can be worn either side, with the blue stone touching the skin or the stone and colour facing out to the world. This could be your ‘something blue’ and what better way to include those that mean so much by gifting them their own ‘something blue’ for the day. Our EsmeLoves bracelets have adjustable lobster chain clasps which make this perfect for younger bridesmaids in your wedding party.



All EsmeLoves jewellery is sterling silver with 18 carat yellow gold or Rose gold plating.

All jewellery items are individually wrapped in a cotton wooden block stamped print jewellery bag.

To get 15% off your purchase for a wedding or a bridesmaid then please use the code


at checkout or SHOP HERE for the discount to be applied 

If you have a specific jewellery requirement for the women in your bridal party then please get in touch to discuss jewellery options and we can put together a gift selection that celebrates the moment with all those you love. EsmeLoves jewellery is designed for women of all ages so a number of pieces are suitable for younger girls.

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