Wedding bonds a Mother and Daughter

The sun shone, the festivities were high, the celebs were in town and the world came to standstill to witness the entry of the Royal Bride Meghan Markle. It was hard for even the naysayers to be heard as she walked through the chapel, a simply stunning moment for a woman to marry her man (and be watched by the world of course)

One woman who has received a fair bit of media news this week is not just Meghan but her gorgeous mum Doria Ragland who brought a tear to our eyes as she sat solo watching her only child marry into the most famous family in the world. From her polite, demure arrival at the hotel with Meghan the night before, to the car ride up to Windsor it was clear that Meghan and her mum share a connection. Meghan has often described her mum as ‘a rock’ to her.

How did Meghan make that moment, standing there in front of a global audience of millions a little more inclusive for her Mum?

Well it may have escaped your notice but Meghan wore the most elegant earrings during the ceremony which matched the necklace her Mother was wearing. Perhaps it was a set gifted to her daughter which they chose to spilt for the occasion. A symbolic way to be together on such a momentous occasion.


Both Doria Ragland and the now Duchess of Sussex wore the same diamond set during the day. A perfect way of staying close to those who mean so much.

Looking for ways to make your day a bit more special and inclusive for those you love?

One value we hold at our core at EsmeLoves is the power of a bond, the meaning of a moment and we know how valuable it is when you connect with those you love. Jewellery is a timeless beautiful way to acknowledge your love and bond with those around you. Each design has been created with a cherished relationship in mind. The delicate filagree pattern that intertwines through our EsmeLoves collection allows a necklace to be worn that connects a person to the bracelet that they gifted, combination of gemstones bring an added meaning to the jewellery when worn. EsmeLoves jewellery is about reminding people of those they love and of the moments that shape their world. A wedding is such a special and momentous event in peoples lives and we want people to wear and gift affordable and classical timeless jewellery that celebrate the bond you share.

Head over to the site and take a peak at some of the pieces we have created. We would love to put together a collection for you if you are looking to gift people at your wedding. Bridesmaids, Mother in Law, sisters and friends.

We would love to hear from you.



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