Which metal for different skin tones


Gold, Rose Gold, Silver?

Do you have a preference?

Choosing jewellery is a bit like choosing clothes. Does it suit me? Is it me? Does my finger look big in this ring?

But have you considered the colour of your jewellery?

Most people find that they have a particular ‘metal’ that works well with their skin tone, their hair colour and style and it draws them in each time. Jewellery is often an extension of your beauty and whether it is a gifted piece, handed down or bought yourself you want to wear your jewellery often and with love and meaning.

How it looks will impact how you feel when you see it on you.

Do you know what metal would work well for your skin tone?

If you are gifting jewellery to someone this might be very relevant. Something that looks good on you and your tone might not have the same appeal on someone else.

Yellow Gold – This metal works well for warmer skin tones

  • You tan easily and rarely burn
  • If you look at the veins on your arm they will appear a greenish colour
  • You have brown, green, hazel eye colour and black, brown or red hair

It might be that you are not a fan of yellow gold but you can’t help but smile when you see it on you, it flatters your skin tone and brings out a sense of warmth when it wear it.

The filagree design of the EsmeLoves necklace
The filagree design of the EsmeLoves chalcedony makes this a necklace of two sides.

You can see our collection of gold coloured jewellery here

Silver Metal – This metal works well for cooler skin tones –

  • You often burn in the sun and don’t always tan afterwards
  • If you look at the veins on your arm they appear a ‘bluish’ colour
  • You have blue or green eyes and blond, brown or black hair

You might find you are a mix of both cooler and warmer tones and therefore you change your jewellery as you move through the seasons.  Summer may be warmer tones and gold, winter seasons will allow silver to work better.

Sterling silver for summer?

You can see our Silver jewellery collection here 

For a metal that can do no wrong whatever your tone we have Rose Gold.

Rose Gold has become super popular over the last few years. It was first used by the Russians in the early 19th century when Carl Fabergé used it in the of the famous Fabergé eggs. Rose gold is a mix of gold, copper and silver – giving it a hue pink soft colour. Rose Gold is actually the one metal that can work well with many skin tones.


Rose Gold works well with all skin tone

You can view our rose gold collection here

Mix and Match 

You might find you have a collection of all metals, or like me, you were once into silver but you are now more drawn to the golds and rose golds. Don’t be afraid to mix and match you metals.

Most importantly wear your jewellery with pride and love. Often our jewellery speaks of a story that holds great importance to us, it belonged to someone else before us and we are merely looking after it before we pass it on.


To see all the collection – please visit


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