Gemstones for New Mothers

Gemstones are one of Mother Earth’s greatest gifts to us. They spend centuries nestled in the bed of our earth, storing energy and holding fascination to those that are drawn to them. Over the years Gemstones have been used for healing, supporting and encouraging a healthy life and can become a beautiful and positive addition to your own jewellery collection.

Gemstones are a lovely gift for all ages and perfect for when someone is celebrating a significant change in their life. Having a baby, whether it is your first, second, third, fourth is always a special moment and the joys and challenges can be different each time.

One question I get asked a lot is which gemstones are good for a new mother. Gifting a new mother a gemstone can be a lovely way to celebrate the wonderful welcome. They are also perfect for gifting to expecting mothers or those who are hoping to become mothers in due course.

Below is a quick run down of some gemstones that work well with a new mothers world.

Rose Quartz

This has to be the number one gemstone for all mothers. It is the stone of unconditional love.   Regardless of how many children a woman may have, the rush of love they feel for their new baby is an overwhelming surge of emotion. Rose Quartz is a gentle pink gemstone that supports the role that love has to play. It’s physical benefits are said to help with circulation, healing mothers after a birth and emotionally supporting new mothers through the waves of emotions that can leave one with feelings that are both joyful and sad.  Traditionally rose quartz was often placed near a new born to sooth them in the first few days after birth. The pink translucent stone is a wonderful gift for those expecting a new born.

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Black Onyx

While the thought of gifting a black gemstone to a new mother does not seem very maternal, black onyx is a very good stone for expecting and new mothers due to its protecting properties. Black Onyx is a stone that provides strength and increases stamina, as well as supporting the healing process. Onyx is known for its benefits in cell regeneration and is a supportive stone during transitional times. Traditionally women were often given a bag of tumble black onyx stones to hold during birth to help aide the process and provide protective support.

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Rainbow Moonstone

A popular and beautiful gemstone, moonstone is a wonderful gift for expecting and new mothers. Its milky white translucent rainbow sheen is traditionally said to have captured the moon beams through the centuries in the earth. A good quality moonstone will have flashes of electric blue that catches the light when the stone moves. Moonstone is a gemstone that connects a woman with their inner Goddess and can help assist with balancing hormones and aide with the recovery after birth. It is a stone that brings a sense of optimism to the wearer and lift a persons mood when tired and low.

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EsmeLoves is a gemstone jewellery company created from a passionate desire to celebrate who we are and the connections that shape us through our life.
Timeless and beautiful gemstone jewellery to be worn by women of all ages.
Please note that the advise provided in this post is purely informative intentions and is not medical support or advice. 

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