Top 10 Valentines Gifts to Make this year Matter

10 Valentine Gift ideas from Small Businesses

It is that time of year again. No sooner have we packed away the Christmas tree and sifted through the piles of junk collected through the winter months, we are full on into the New Year and the shops quickly fill with Easter Eggs and Valentines Day paraphernalia.

I always find Valentines day a bit of a strange day. First of all I strongly believe that we should always tell our loved ones we love them, that we don’t require a day to remind us to do that and secondly we have just recovered from the chaos of Christmas gift buying and I find the stuff in the shops celebrating Valentines Day, you know the big red hearts, teddy bears, framed heart photo frames, a bit…. well naff. I am certainly not inspired to buy anything to gift anyone to say ‘I love you’ 

So to leave you feeling a bit more inspired about Valentines day. I have put together a top 10 list of gifts you might want to buy for someone you love this year and they are gifts that will last more than one day!

1 – A flower subscription.

I love flowers and I love the way they can brighten up a room and lift your mood. Rather than go for just the one bunch of red roses (which most people don’t actually like) why not go for a flower subscription. Freddies Flowers is a lovely small business that bring gorgeous flowers to your door once a week. A gift that reminds them weekly of how much you love them.

freddie flowers
A flower subscription is a gift that will last through the year.

2 – Perfume

Perfume is always a welcomed gift but it can be a tricky purchase, especially if you are daring to buy something new and different. I came across Connock perfume when I did a Christmas fair last year and I loved their smells! The Manuka Honey perfume is particularly subtle and gorgeous.


Manuka Honey fragrance

3 Candles

You can go horribly wrong with candles. The wrong smell and a cheap wick can leave a burning impression on a person and so purchasing a candle that not only smells good but also lasts can take a bit of research. Connock London (who also sell perfume) do some wonderful candles also.


4 – Rose Quartz Jewellery

Did you know that Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love? EsmeLoves silver Rose Quartz necklace is a perfect timeless gift for someone special. The necklace and pendent is available in 3 different sizes and rose quartz carries a beautiful feminine energy, adoring the wearer with peace and compassion as well as love.

silver necklace rose quartz
Silver filagree design encapsulates the Rose Quartz gemstone


5 – Journal or book subscription 

Bookishly is a lovely company. They love books and words and make lovely gifts for anyone but more importantly, it is a lovely gift for someone who love words. Perhaps a journal might be something you might want to gift or even a book subscription? Bookishly offer a range of items that suit lots of tastes and they can even personalise items for you like a personalised star chart print

This would also be a lovely gift for a wedding or birthday…


6 – Earrings

Earrings are sweet and discreet and can be worn all year round. If someone you love has pierced ears then these might be perfect for them. EsmeLoves gemstone studs are wearable for everyday and yet timelessly beautiful to stand out for the right reasons. With free shipping and gift wrapping, they are perfect for sending to someone far away.



7. Chocolate

Always a winner and if you go for the good stuff then it is also quite healthy for you. If you are looking for some chocolate inspirations then have a look at The Chocolatier  who supply Chocolate to The Royals. If it is good enough for Kate and Meghan then it is good enough for you and the one you love.

choclotate heart
Pomegranate and Vanilla Bean


8 A Fountain Pen

Fountain pens bring back memories, of old letters, poetry, love letters and long lost stories. Fountain pens are coming back into fashion and a good quality fountain pen is a pen to keep. One place to get a lovely engraved fountain pen (although not sure how ‘small business’ they are) is Pen Heaven who do a wide range of pens to suit all tastes. They also engrave which is a lovely touch to a gift.

Rose Gold Parker fountain pen


9 Rose Gold and Moonstone

Rose gold is such a popular gold these days. It exudes a timeless feel and it looks classical. Combined with the gemstone Moonstone then you have a beautifully elegant piece of jewellery. EsmeLoves Moonstone necklace is a gift for all woman and can be worn with the stone facing out or the design, which ever takes your mood.

rosegold moonstone
Available in 3 sizes and lengths of chain


10 Writing Paper

Along with the pen, perhaps some personalised writing paper would make a gift complete. Bring back letter writing with a passion this Valentines and perhaps write a lovely note to start off the letter writing habit. Papier have some lovely options for letter writing sets, note cards and designs.

Receiving hand written letters is so lovely these days

So there you have it. 10 ideas for gifting this Valentines. 

Perhaps see this Valentines as a day to say ‘I love you’ to more than just your partner. Perhaps a friend or a relative you have not seen very much of recently. Take some time to check in with people and reconnect with those you love.


Hope you enjoy!

Sophie x


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