What is the birthstone for March

If you were born in March then Aqua Chalcedony is a birthstone for you

Gemstones are so fascinating and have truly stood the test of time.

Gifting a gemstone is a really lovely way of celebrating relationships of all ages and making meaningful moments matter. If you know someone born in March then you might want to consider Aqua Chalcedony as a gift for them.

Facts about Aquamarine 

  • Aqua donates the sea – the colour and the translucent appearance of the stone.
  • Aqua chalcedony is from the same family of stone that includes ‘Bloodstone’ which is also a birthstone for March
  • Chalcedony can be dated back to the Neolithic period.
  • 4000 years before Christ, Assyrians and Babylonians used chalcedony to make their cylindric seals that were used to protect documents.
  • Ancient Greeks used Chalcedony stone as a representation of Mother Earth
  • Chalcedony is seen as the symbolic stone of a Mothers love


The Aqua stone sits neatly against the skin if worn with the design facing out.


What does an Aqua stone symbolise?

  • It is a nurturing stone that promotes good will in the wearer
  • It absorbs negative energy
  • It brings the mind, body and emotions into harmony, creating a sense of calm and well being
  • It is a wonderful stone for children who might suffer with fretful dreams
  • It is a stone that eases self doubt, bringing confidence to those who wear it
The Aqua colour of the stone brings calm and serenity to those who wear it. 

While Aqua is a stone for those born in March, it is a gentle stone that can be worn by many and its subtle colour of blue and green bring peace and calm to those who choose to wear it.

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