What is the birthstone for February?

If you were born in February then your birthstone is Amethyst

Gemstones are so fascinating and have truly stood the test of time.

Gifting a gemstone is a really lovely way of celebrating relationships of all ages and making meaningful moments matter. If you know someone born in February then you might want to consider an Amethyst gemstone as a gift for them.

Facts about Amethyst

  • The word ‘Amethyst’ is derived from the greek word ‘Amethystos’ which means ‘sober’
  • At one time, the only people who could wear an amethyst gemstone were those of a Royal descent.
  • It is believed that the Amethyst stone guards against intoxication.
  • The Amethyst stone can be traced back as far as 25,000 years ago when it was used as a decorative stone by prehistoric humans.
  • It is said that Cleopatra wore a signet Amethyst ring engraved with the figure of Mithras, a Persian deity symbolising the Divine Idea, Source of Light and Life.
  • An Amethyst stone is the stone of Saint Valentines who wore an amethyst ring with the image of Cupid engraved into it.
  • An Amethyst stone is traditionally the stone of faithful lovers and it was once believed that wearing an Amethyst locket would call back lost loves. 
purple esemeloves 1
EsmeLoves Amethyst Necklace – stone sits neatly against the skin


What does an Amethyst symbolise?

  • An Amethyst counteracts negative feelings and emotions
  • It is a symbol of protection for the wearer and the person gifting Amethyst.
  • An Amethyst encourages self control, reducing additions and obsessions.
  • An Amethyst can be an effective stone for young children who suffer with night terrors or fear of the dark.
  • An Amethyst stone can be a lovely gift for a child who suffers from homesickness when away.
  • The Amethyst stone can help steady a restless mind and bring strength and a strong sense of wellbeing to the wearer.

Whilst an Amethyst stone is traditionally associated with the month of February, it can be worn by all people and is a lovely stone to gift a child. Our necklaces all have adjustable chains, making it a lovely gift for a child as well as an adult.

To gift this amethyst necklace please visit EsmeLoves 

esmelovespurple back
EsmeLoves necklace with the Amethyst showing





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