What is the meaning of Moonstone?


Intuition + Balance + Energy


Moonstone is undoubtedly a beautiful gemstone but what is Moonstone known for, where is it from and why should you be wearing it.

I often get asked what Gemstones mean. Whether you have never really thought about gemstones or crystals, you will find yourself wondering what they mean. You might even be tempted to purchase jewellery because of the gemstone. People like to wear something that they feel compliments who they are and benefits their overall wellbeing. Gemstones have been around since time began, throughout our ancestral years and through the ages they have been known to have a powerful effect on peoples mood, desires, outcomes and despite science failing to support any claims made, gemstones continue to rock on and be a popular gift for people throughout the world.


Moonstone is a loved gemstone and for very good reason. The birthstone for the month of June it is also traditionally given on a 13th wedding anniversary.  According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams and the blue light seen in the stone is that from the moon. Many other cultures also associate this gem with moonlight, and it’s easy to see why. When you look at a moonstone the light it attracts is scattered throughout the stone creating a phenomenon known as adularescence. The visual effect is reminiscent of the full moon shining through a veil of thin, high clouds. Moonstone is extracted from the earth, it sits for years collecting energy and light from its surroundings. It is easy to understand why people see moonstone and associate its glow with the moon.

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Gifting Moonstone? 

Where is it from

Moonstone is found all across the world but Sri Lanka and India are the main places where moonstone comes from. All of EsmeLoves moonstone is sourced from India.

Luck and Love 

There are many beliefs surrounding the moonstone. Legends dictate that moonstone is the stone of luck, some believe that if you hold the moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you would see the future. In India, moonstone is considered to be a scared stone and is widely believed to bring good fortune.

Moonstone is also known for its feminine energy. Like the moon, it is calm and serene, bringing the perfect balance to the wearer and those who possess the stone. When you see the moon at night, it shines bright, holding a peaceful energy that continues no matter what. The gemstone brings similar qualities, a deep level of energy that embraces the wearer. Moonstone is said to enhance the inner Goddess of the wearer and some traditions believe Moonstone helps to increase fertility in a women.

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Moonstone is associated with love and throughout history was known for being a gift for lovers.  Folklore believes that lovers who possess a moonstone are said to be able to foretell their future life together. According to one legend, two people wearing moonstone will fall passionately in love when the moon is high.

How to wear and care

Wearing your gemstone close to the skin is known to increase the benefits of the stone. The heat of the skin enhances the stone and works in tune with your own moods, improving your overall wellbeing. It is important to care for your stone, especially when it is worn often. Gentle cleansing (no harsh soaps or abrasives) of the gemstone allows the natural light of the stone to be seen at its best and a bit like charging your phone with energy, it is known that you charge your moonstone by the light of the moon!

Generally Moonstone is a stone of luck and balance. A stone of wishing and hoping and a gemstone that supports one through the cycles of change, from season to season, moon and months. Moonstone is a beautiful gift for someone who deserves a gift with meaning and purpose. A piece of jewellery they can wear with love and pass on or hand down to someone special to them when the time is right.

Gift your moonstone here 

Love S x


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