Let it go

This time of year is perfect for reflecting on where we are and what we are doing in our life. The changing of the seasons is such a visual reminder that we work within cycles. We move through different stages of a life, developing, growing and maturing (urgh..getting older that should read)

It is also a good time of the year to let things go. Yesterday whilst out for a half term walk with the kids we were caught up in a wind storm that left us fighting with the leaves (a good proportion of which made it into the car, through the front door, up the stairs….) A big gush of wind would strip a tree of their leaves and whilst the children were delighted running through the falling debris (ergo getting leaves in places leaves should not go) it did get me thinking of how nature is signalling to us all that it is time to let things go.

It is in our nature to hold onto stuff. Old pictures, keepsakes, clothes we might one day wear and feelings. In todays busy world we don’t take the time needed to reflect back on events and emotions, we don’t process how we feel and we don’t make the conscious decision to let go of things. We move on, quickly to the next thing, mentally promising ourselves to come back to it at some point, when we have time.


When was the last time you consciously made a choice to let something go?

Perhaps you think by not thinking about it, or by ignoring it, the problem or feelings will just go away (how conditioned are we to ignore things that we don’t want to be effected by?) or by placing that dress back in your wardrobe, you might, just might one day wear it.

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain issues because it gives us a sense of identity.

Is this why we struggle to let go? We are defined by the constraints around us?

Like the leaves falling from the trees and the wind blowing them away, it is good to approach this time of year as an opportunity to shed what you no longer need.

Some things are easier  to ‘shed’ or ‘let go of’ than others.

Your bulging wardrobe just needs focus and will power to clear out what you no longer feel works for you (or fits). Tidying the desk or clearing out that toy box that just keeps expanding with freebies from over priced children magazines is a job we don’t want to do but when we start, well we just get on with it (and it always feels rather satisfying at the end).  These are things that you can let go of, thats when you can be bothered to tackle it on your ‘things to do’ list.

Your feelings of anger, disappointment and regret might take a bit more focus and time. It is not easy to move on with your feelings, especially if they have been nestling in there for sometime. We don’t put them down on a ‘to do’ list and we might not even talk about them. You might not be ready to ‘let go’ but you know in your gut that you need to. Now is a good time.

What about your dreams? Those ideas you indulge in when you get a minute to yourself nursing a cold cup of coffee staring out the kitchen window. Do you let go of those? Are those dreams beginning to look like they might not happen? Perhaps you are not ready to let go of those dreams just yet? Well, you don’t need to let them go but perhaps you do need to move them on. Move them on from dreams to reality, move the idea from your head into the plan. Take actionable steps that allow you to feel that your dream is a little closer. Perhaps you are afraid? Let go of your fears and move on.

A few little actionable things to help to ‘let go’

  • Write it down. Not on a laptop or in the notes section of the phone but on paper. Spend time writing it down. Get as much detail written as possible, out of your head and onto the paper, if what your writing is not for other eyes…ever, then destroy and in turn ‘let it go’.
  • Meditate. Be present..yada yada…yawn.. we hear this all the time. Meditating is a task everyone knows about, you might even have an app for it on your phone and it is always on their list of  ‘things to do’ but how often do you actually focus on being present? By being present you are consciously deciding to focus on the here and now, not the past, not the future. When you do this more often, we subtly lose those thoughts that keep us popping back to the past or being lost in the future.
  • Replace your emotional thoughts with facts. Sometimes we can personally draw out an event or feeling because we have invested too much time thinking about it. You might not even recognise the line between fact and fiction anymore because you have thought about it so much. Go back to the facts. Take your feelings, identify the facts around them and separate the personal.
  • Clean. Get cleaning. Sort out that room, tidy up that draw. The act of cleaning can have quite a profound effect on your mental thoughts. As my Grandmother always said… ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’

Gemstones for cleansing

Not only are gemstones beautiful additions to your jewellery collection, it is believed that they also play a role in enhancing and encouraging certain aspects of your life. Gemstones that support the process of cleansing and clearing out old energies are:

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz helps release old, blocked and stagnant energy in your body. It also helps you let go of old belief systems and patterns that are holding you back. This is excellent for stubborn people who refuse to let go of negative emotions.

Buy here

smokey ears
EsmeLoves Samsara Smokey Quartz Earrings 
Blue Chalcedony 

Blue Chalcedony is a not only a rich and beautiful colour but it aides with the throat chakra in dissipating negative communication and old thoughts. The throat chakra is the voice of the body and blue chalcedony brings this into balance.

Blue Chalcedony EsmeLoves collection
When worn, the stone sits close to the skin allowing the wearer to reap the benefits of the stone
Buy your Blue Chalcedony here 

Above all, get out and walk in the falling leaves.

Nothing like a brisk walk in the autumnal wind to blow the cobwebs away.


With love

S x


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