Blue Monday, blue chalcedony and why we all need a little blue gemstone 

Blue is the colour of violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. There is quite a bit of science involved when it comes to the colour blue, all about wavelengths and nanometers…but I won’t divulge this here.

The word Blue comes from the Middle English word ‘blewe‘, who borrowed it from the Old French word ‘Bleu‘ which is then connected to Old Dutch, Old High German, Old Saxon…etc. It is a word that has been handed down, reshaped and reproduced to suit changing languages and cultures.

Did you know that the clear blue sky and deep blue sea we love to photograph and bathe in is an optical illusion?  it is due to something called the Rayleigh scattering, which is again about wavelengths and distances.

Blue is a colour of richness, royalty, Gods, coolness and harmony. It has been used throughout history in Religious setting, art work, pottery, cold water (yes, universally we see the colour blue on a tap and we know it means ‘cold water’) Blue is a language that speaks many words and meanings.

Blue chalcedony is a gemstone that firmly holds it place in history. A stone, just like the different versions of the word ‘blue’ that can be seen in different shades, a light blue, a blue grey, a deep blue. The name Chalcedony comes from the port Chalcedon in Greece. The stone is sourced from India, Namibia, Morocco, Mexico, Madagascar and Brazil.

Blue Chalcedony EsmeLoves collection
When worn, the stone sits close to the skin allowing the wearer to reap the benefits of the stone
So why buy chalcedony jewellery?

Blue chalcedony is a gemstone that has many benefits. In today’s stressful environment we seek many ways to relieve and restore the balance in our lives, blue chalcedony is a stone that does just that. It is no miracle worker, it is not an instant remedy to the worlds stresses but it is a stone that throughout history has achieved the status of stability.


A word you may hear from time to time, perhaps you meditate to feel grounded, perhaps you have read articles about running through the fields with no shoes on to feel ‘grounded‘ to the earth. Grounding is about being present, feeling present, being solid in your place. Blue chalcedony is a stone that encourages feeling of stability, that will help keep you grounded when events might try to sweep you off of your feet.

Drowning out the noise

Are you constantly distracted by all the noise in the world? The feeling of ‘shiny new object‘ syndrome is fast becoming an actual medical condition. We are bombarded daily with everything from everywhere and it creates this constant chatter in our minds which can be hard to quieten. Chalcedony is known to encourage quiet reflection, to block out the noise, dull the comparisons or words of self-doubt and to focus on the things that truly matter to us.

Develop your inner truth

I sometimes struggle with who I really am. Do I really know myself? Am I being truthful? Authentic? How and when will I know if I am? In a world where authenticity is being applauded more than ever it can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed with questions about how true to yourself you really are. A quick scan of social media can add to your woes of identity.   Chalcedony is a stone of truth. It helps you connect with your subconscious and realise your inner self without the constant chatter of questions or comparisons.

The filagree design of the EsmeLoves necklace
The filagree design of the EsmeLoves chalcedony makes this a necklace of two sides.
Harmony and peace

No, not  the names of a new x-Factor duet wannabe but words we would actually love to be used daily around the world. We all strive for peace. Perhaps on a daily basis, quiet in the mind, the home. Maybe on a bigger level, with bigger issues. Chalcedony has been associated with encouraging feelings of harmony and peace and wearing chalcedony close to the skin can allow the wearer to get a little bit closer to feeling harmonious  and peaceful with themselves and their lives.

We have an age old relationships with gemstones, whether we are attracted by their beauty, their history or meaning we have an interest in stones that we just cannot explain. Gemstones are a product of our world, a natural formation that has been achieved over centuries. In a world that is fast becoming digitally engineered to suit our own purpose it is worth coming back to the simple beauty of gemstones as a reminder of where we all began.

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With love

Sophie x




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