5 Things You Shouldn’t Do This Sunday

What do Sunday’s mean to you?

Is it about family time? Catch up time? Do everything you didn’t do in the week time?

I feel Sundays are losing their identity and its time to remind ourselves of what Sundays should be.

Last Sunday we did nothing. It was hard work, doing nothing. The children were at a loss ‘We are not going out today?’ came their calls and wails.

‘Why not?’ they said in earnest.

We didn’t mean to stay in, it just sort of happened. One thing led to another and before we knew it, it was late afternoon and we had not gone anywhere. It was lovely, actually. We even played a board game and we had cake. I felt quite Mary Berry by the end of it.

So it got me thinking why should Sunday be so important these days. When I was a child Sundays were officially days off. Shops were pretty much shut, we had no internet (even typing that makes me feel so very old) and there were four channels on the TV. Not today. Everything is open, we can access anything and Sunday is really just another day. We live in a world that rushes, officially. We rush from place to place, website to website, thought to thought. We have become accustomed to it. It feels natural, doesn’t it? In fact, we have become so used to it that we struggle to switch off. We feel we are not making the most of our time if we are doing nothing. We panic we are not living to the best of our ability and then we might find ourselves on social media and see images of everyone else having amazing Sunday’s in their amazing kitchens and their beautifully dressed children getting ready to experience incredible moments and Sunday then becomes a day of stress as you try to frantically pull together a well planned day that ticks off all the boxes to ensure your small ones will skip into school on Monday with engaging tales of their home family time. Exhausting…

So this Sunday make some time to not do the following:

  1. Don’t check your phone. If like me you are spending Sunday with your nearest and dearest then there is really no reason to check your phone. Put it away, put it out of reach, put it on silent.
  2. Don’t catch up on emails. We see Sunday as a catch up day, which in turn can become a ‘try to fit everything in day’ and thus people can end up feeling rather worn out by the end of it. If your phone is out of reach and your laptop is away, you won’t know about what you haven’t seen (of course, once you have finished reading this post).
  3. Don’t worry if the kids say ‘I’m bored’. We see the word ‘bored’ as a bad thing, that they should be doing something engaging, they should be stimulated, entertained. Actually boredom is rather a good thing than bad. Read this article for more reasons why we should allow our children to get bored once in awhile.
  4. Don’t worry about having an afternoon nap. Get your head down, encourage the children to do the same.
  5. Don’t go out. You can stay in. It’s ok and actually very nice to just spend a day at home.

But instead do

Take some time to think about the moments you can make this Sunday.  Sundays from my childhood are memories now in my mind.

The long walks – most Sunday’s our Dad would make us go for a walk, often a long, getting slightly lost walk but they were memorable, the humour, the woods, the feeling we had when got back into the warm.

The Sunday tea – this is a fairly solid tradition in our family, my mum would usually bake a fruit cake, we had crumpets and crisps and we all sat round the living room watching the Antiques road show…arhh so twee, however I do remember my sister and I moaning how much we hated the Antiques Road Show (secretly love it now) and arguing over the last Mr Kiplings French Fancy but now it is a memory,a moment that I look back on with fondness and I think of our family, our time together.

The Sunday Board Game – I worry for the board game as the digital world gets more more integrated into people’s lives. However getting out a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ has such benefits..everyone is involved, the rules are fairly simple and the memories it will evoke for you and your childhood will leave you feeling a bit warm and fuzzy!

Read the papers. Do you still get Sunday papers? We stopped buying them awhile ago as they often went unread and then sat piled for the rest of the week until the news had become just too old to read. Buy a paper, read the supplements!

Sunday walks – the autumnal walks are just lovely, get out, breath in the air and bribe everyone with hot chocolates if they don’t want to go.

Get out those toys that you keep threatening to take to a charity shop. I pulled out a massive box of lego from under the bed and left it in the middle of the room. Moments later the children were rummaging through it and building cities to their hearts content. Get some stuff out that they haven’t seen for awhile, it will be amazing what they will suddenly want to do with it!

Watch a movie from your childhood. Netflix and various other sites are now a museum of movies. My children watched Pippi Longstocking the other week and loved it. I was thrown right back to my childhood just hearing the theme tune.

What ever you do this Sunday, make it count. The small things you do now can become the big memories that your children will remember in years to come.


Have a lovely day

Sophie x


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    1. EsmeLoves says:

      Thank you! Hope you had a lovely Sunday. X

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