Monday is the letter M for…


mondayThe greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving it’

Michelango Buonarroti

You are never too old to be motivated to start something or to set new life goals.

We have been conditioned over the centuries to move through the world following a pattern. School is the place where we learn our education. We work hard, go to college and get a good job that pays well and we develop a career. You work hard at that career until you retire and then you get to put your feet up and enjoy ‘not working’ until you die. LIFE.

Well not anymore. We are educating our young to be learners for the rest of their lives and we, as adults are frantically trying to reconnect with the ‘learner in us’ so we can live life with more exceptional opportunities. People jump from one from career to another without so much as a backward glance, start new businesses (raises hand with enthusiasm) become best selling authors and run multimillion pound franchises from their kitchen tables. We are turning over the old conventions and we are capable of doing a hell of lot with a little of a little.

So now is now the time?


I am huge advocate of dreaming. I always ‘day dream’ about what I want for my children, my family, my job, what I want to do in this world. As I age (gracefully, like a fine wine of course) I am more aware of mydreams‘ and what I want from life. The one thing I am able to do now is work towards those dreams, to put in the time and grit. I am very clear on one thing. I do not want to look back at any point in my life and reflect on my dreams with the words.. ‘if only I had done something about it’ NO, life is too short and precious for regrets.

To kick start your Monday, start thinking about your own dreams and how you can reach them.

  • Is there a business idea you keep mulling over every now and then?
  • Do you keep making excuses about starting something new?
  • Are you just not motivated enough?
  • Do you just hit that snooze button too many times?

Make this Monday matter. Start that something new, make that change and be determined that this Monday is the Monday of all Mondays. Instead of going back to the same old routine, instead of thinking ‘oh, perhaps tomorrow or next Monday‘ Just get on with it. Make it a priority to get on with it. Start with one simple task that moves you just a little bit closer to the something you want to achieve.

Take a look at the video below, I use the Mel Robbins 5 second rule most mornings and you know what? It works!!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Have an amazing week.

Sophie x


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