Did you know this Sunday is Grandparent day?

Grandparents are simply the best.

As a child they are the ones who buy you the sweets, let you stay up late and give you the time that often your ‘rushed off their feet‘ parents can’t always give. They are happy to sit and listen to hours of why one Pokemon is better than another and when your parents have said ‘NO‘ to your requests of ‘just one more’ they are there, on the sidelines, sneakily passing one to you with the silent symbol of ‘shsss, don’t tell your mum and dad‘.

This Sunday is Grandparents day. In an over consumable world it is easy to bypass and brush off these ‘days’ as just another way to spend money on cards and flowers but I think it is vital that we take these days as a real opportunity to reflect on just what a wonderful job they do and how vital they are to our children.

My children are very lucky to have two sets of wonderful grandparents, each offering something different to my children. Their experience, their culture and their cooking offers much more than they would get in an entire year at school. Growing up I only really knew one set of Grandparents and they were divine. My Grandmother (she hated to be called granny, I once tried..it didn’t go down well) was always wonderfully dressed, her hair was perfectly coiffed and she smelt of mints, which she would keep in the draw next to her chair in the dining room, funny what we remember really!

So how to thank Grandparents?

We often get the children to take on this role.

  • A beautifully hand painted chaotic mess can bring much joy to a grandparent (and less to your dining room table) a handmade card or a picture frame are all lovely gifts.
  • A day out can be a lovely way of spending time together, taking time to reflect and capturing those moments that we often miss when rushing through the week.
  • Making a movie – we live in the digital age – a phone is never further from our pockets for more than a minute and we take more pictures than we ever have. Video is a good way of capturing the relationship your children have with their Grandparents. Make it purposeful, ask the children to plan what they might film and create a story. It also makes for wonderful material for their 18th birthday party.
  • A gift – a small necklace or bracelet that can be gifted to both the Grandmother and a Grand daughter, a wonderful way of celebrating the connection between two generations.
  • Games – board games are in danger of dying out..bring back the board game this Sunday, games like charades, snap and snakes and ladders are all classics and will bring back memories for you and them.

We need to make more of a time to connect with those who we love. My Grandparents were such a huge influence in my life and it is only really now as an adult that I begin to appreciate the people they were, what they did with their lives and how I did not always ask the right questions to get to know them better.

Have a lovely weekend


Sophie x



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