Total eclipse of the heart

Unless you have been living under a cloud (not hard at the moment with the rubbish weather in London) or you have no interest whatsoever in the moon or star signs then you will know that there is a pretty big Leo solar eclipse happening today.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see much of it here but yay to our American friends who are whipping out the pin hole glasses and renting out their homes on AirBnb for an astonishing amount of money so those who are interested in the Eclipse can get a really good look at it ..but not right at it..not until the eclipse is happening…read the rules..don’t burn your eyes..

I am a bit of a believer when it comes to the cosmos and various other moon and star related things. I have been reading recently that the retrograde we have been experiencing is the cause of much unrest in our lives. I am not such a believer that I will blame everything terrible on the shifting planets, however I do think that if you are just feeling a bit ‘off’ and things don’t seem to be clicking, despite your best efforts, or even lack of efforts because you have not been bothered to make any because you are feeling a bit ‘off’..then yes, I do think that the aligning of planets and various other shifts in the world can create a bit of a personal shift in you (and apparently the recent retrograde is making alot of people feel a bit out of sync)

So the low down on the eclipse today…

  • This eclipse is all about new beginnings, mind, body and spirit, if you want it of course. It is the hands of the cosmic clock coming together,  a reset of mind, body and soul.
  • Eclipses always put you where you need to be, so follow your path and put some faith into the universe. If you are day dreaming on a regular basis about changing your career, harbouring desires to start a new job, perhaps it is the universes way of saying ‘go for it’
  • We do have solar eclipses every year but a TOTAL solar eclipse is rare, very rare.. we won’t get another for a very long time. Which it is why it is such a big deal.
  • The ancients believed that a total eclipse would bring a message, that light would give way to the darkness in order for it to return stronger and burning brighter.
  • This solar eclipse is about exposing our true selves and being who we truly are. Getting rid of the masks we have put up over the years and connecting with who we really are underneath all the pretence.

So its time for your inner spark to leap forward and do its thang! Have you had a feeling that there is something a little bigger out there for you? Now is the time to let it happen.

Now we don’t get to see it here but below are the times that it is happening so depending on where you are you can keep an eye out for vibes of the eclipse happening all across the world.

Los Angeles- August 21 at 11.25 am

New York- August 21 at 2:25 pm

London- August 21 at 7.25pm

New Delhi- August 21 at 11.55pm

Sydney- August 22 at 4.25 am

I just read that the UK won’t have a total solar eclipse until 2090!!!!

So perhaps this is the shift you have been waiting for….

Have you felt out of sorts recently?

If it really is a chance to reset the clock, what will you do over the next few months to live to your full true potential?





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