What’s in a name?

You look like a Sophie‘ was a comment from someone i just met after being introduced at a party last weekend.

Oh good‘ was my response, although I was not quite sure what I should have said really. It is my name, I have always had it and feel very much suited to it.  Don’t we all feel the same way about our name?

Esme and me on a trip to Jaipur

I also met another Sophie last week. I know there are other ‘Sophie’s’ out there but when growing up I did feel I was the only one. I was the only ‘Sophie’ in all of my school classes (I changed schools and often countries every two years) and I seem to have avoided working with another Sophie since becoming an adult. The thing is, Sophie is not a particularly uncommon name, in fact it was listed as the most popular name for girls four years in a row. I know now I was a ‘Sophie’ before its time.  When I was a baby people would comment on ‘How twee’ the name was!


A name is very important. Not only does it give you an identification, it can also shape who you are.  It communicates to others before you meet. You make assumptions about a person based on their name and whilst we protest we do not judge others, no doubt we have an image of the person we are meeting when we hear their name.

What does your name say about you?

When we named our children we spent a long time thinking about who they would be with those names. I imagined them walking into a number of different scenarios and introducing themselves. A party? a musician? A doctor? As an ex teacher I also had a long list of names that were vetoed on the account of how much grief they gave me in the classroom!

One of the toughest part of parenthood is naming your child!!

Many people think I am called Esme, I guess that is an obvious observation and I am not sure how Esme will feel when she actually works out the name of my business is named after her, would she be thrilled? Embarrassed?

When I started my business I wanted a name that symbolised the values of my business. EsmeLoves is about family, loved ones, sharing and cherishing a moment. I chose the name Esme for my daughter a long time before I was even thinking about children, it is a name I have always loved, the fact it means ‘to be loved’ just makes it even more symbolic.

What’s in a name?

Perhaps you are thinking of names..

Perhaps you are naming your business?

A few tips (when naming a business)..

  • Choose a name that means something to you. People will ask you what the name means, where it has come from. If you have no connection to the name, find one! People love a story.
  • Choose a name that people can say – nothing worse that having people talk about about your business but pronouncing the name wrong – get people to read the name out loud, different accents if you can – how does it sound?
  • Do a quick check whether the name means anything else in a different language or country. You might be a small business right now but you want to grow right? World domination…just make sure your business name does not offend parts of the world.
  • Make sure you are happy with the name. Don’t rush it. You don’t want to put it out there only to change your mind a few months later.
  • Don’t be put off with similar sounding names. There are lots of lovely companies that have the name of a child with ‘….loves‘  at the end.  At first I was put off but I named my business ‘EsmeLoves‘ because of what it means to me, the fact others have a similar business name can run to my benefit as people often say ‘ oh I have heard of you’ when I mention my business name!
  • Get a domain! Go onto sites like ‘godaddy‘ and check the web page is available. Whilst the business name and the web name don’t have to be exact, it would certainly be a good start. If it is available, buy it! Even if you don’t have a website yet, some domains are cheap enough to buy for when you do!

Lastly whilst it is important to have a name that is memorable, it is more important to have a name that represents your brand. Who you are as a brand and what your story is. If you don’t connect to the name, it will become hard to personalise it, to push it out there to others.


Do you have a small business? Are you about to start one?

What name have you chosen and why?


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