Need some protection?

Would you wear black jewellery?


Black Onyx  is a stone like no other. I chose to use Black Onyx in some of my designs because of what it stands for, what benefits it will bring the wearer.

It is said that Black Onyx has the ability to change a wearer’s bad habits. This gemstone is also used as an important tool in helping increase the concentrating abilities of absent-minded people and in calming a chaotic and problematic life. So if you find yourself walking into rooms suddenly wondering what you came in for, or forgetting to send in the signed school form for the 5th day running, despite remembering every night to send it in, this might be stone for you!

Onyx also guards the user against negative vibes. Onyx jewellery is worn in order to defend oneself against negativity as is the colour black. I remember when my children were babies, we were living in India and many women would tell me to place a black mark somewhere on my babies, perhaps on the sole of the foot or behind the ear, this black mark would offer protection against those who perhaps have negative thoughts towards your beautiful baby. Of course you believe no person could possibly have negative thoughts towards a young baby but yet many Indians (and myself at times) would place a small black dot (with an eyeliner) somewhere on the foot for a little extra protection.

I remember when I was working in India and it was one of those weeks when things were going wrong, I was moaning to a colimg_4632league and she mentioned I should wear a black thread on my wrist. It would offer some protection…I bemusedly laughed and continued with our meeting but yet later that week I found myself sporting a black thread…which I still wear two years later! I can’t say if this helped or prevented any major disasters in my life (and I am amazed the thread is still intact) but yet the superstitious character in me wears it with the inner knowledge this this black cotton thread might play a really tiny part in keeping me a bit protected…I can it possibly!

Finally, the onyx gemstone fortifies the wearer’s self-confidence and sense of responsibility. It strongly helps in sharpening the five senses and likewise encourages a healthy ego of self. For those who would love to own an onyx gemstone. Onyx lends the wearer the look of elegance and wealth.

Do you have any superstitions or items of jewellery that you just won’t take off?

Perhaps there is a cultural connection to some of the practices you have.





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  1. Sunita says:

    I live black jewellery. Mr H bought me a ring with tiny black stones after having our first baby. It will last me forever and I can’t wait to pass it onto one of the girls. Black gems are also super stylish and timeless. Lovely post Sophie xx


    1. Thanks Sunita! i love the fact you will wear it until you pass it on. Much more than just a ring. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sunita says:

        Thanks Sophie. And it’s cool as Mr H chose the design xx


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