The smell of pine needles and…



What else do you remember from your childhood Christmas? Pine Needles were a big thing for me, that and the sight of my Dad continually vacuuming round the tree collecting the wilted needles, by the time Christmas came round our poor tree looked like twigs with baubles on. Now trees are sold on the selling point that they ‘don’t drop’ and you can even buy Pine smelling scent for those that lack that real smell from their tree.

Keeping on with our #thentonow blog, I got to speak to Emma who writes a lovely blog called It’s Mostly Okay. Emma blogs about her life and family, she has an adorable daughter and here Emma reminisces about her Christmas and what she plans to do this year and the fact that she shares her Birthday with Christmas!

What are your most vivid memories of Christmas as a child?

The smell of a Christmas tree, the smell of tinsel, our colourful fairy lights and my mum playing a beautiful Christmas Carol tape loudly on Xmas Eve whilst making mince pies. Thinking of these things back a real sense of nostalgia. I also remember sitting in my bedroom awake in the small hours on Xmas Eve and my Grandma coming in & telling me she could hear sleigh bells, I can vividly remember straining to try and hear. And my birthday is Xmas day so I have great memories of my cake coming out at tea time, and getting to open all my birthday presents.

What family Christmas tradition are you hoping to carry on from your childhood?

I’ve mentioned the tape my mum played, and actually that was a bit of a tradition I suppose. It was Kings College choir and there was the most beautiful rendition of Once in Royal David’s city, listening to it used to make me feel so excited. That’s something I’d like to start doing for my daughter. Letting Olivia decorate the tree is something else to do, there’s nothing more exciting than getting out all the decorations! We also usually have smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a tonne of champagne for Xmas breakfast, that’s a good tradition for the adults.

I want to start things so that my daughter feels the same excited feelings I felt about Christmas when I was younger.

Do check out Em’s blog here

So as we bunker on down for the big day and we find ourselves eating mince pies for breakfast, quality street for lunch and a cheese board selection tray for dinner give a thought to the traditions we are passing on. From baking to eating, from singing to board games, ask yourself what you do now that you did then?


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