It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


We live in such a fast paced world, we race from week to week, busy ourselves at weekends and constantly tell each other ‘I don’t know where the time goes’  and we then we act all shocked when we find ourselves back at Christmas.

Well we are back at that wonderful time of the year which seems to creep up on us oh so quickly and it is that time of the year when family is at the heart of what we do. One aspect of celebrating christmas, especially when we have young children, is exploring the traditions we had as a child. We want to relive the excitement we once felt at the thought of a big fat man with a beard squeezing down our non existent chimney. We want to instil a sense of history and tradition in our children, something they will grow up remembering christmases for. EsmeLoves is very much about traditions, making connections, handing down to those younger and remembering those who mean so much.

We are not far off the big day and so I thought it would be good to see what traditions we find ourselves doing now that we also experienced as children. From food to dress and from presents to location, there are lovely little things that you will do as a mother that you have picked up from your childhood. Over the next week we will focusing on 3 bloggers Sunita from LuckyThings Blog, Alex from Alexandra Moore Style and Emma from It’s Mostly Okay  blog and how they are spending Christmas this year and the traditions that they have brought through from their own childhood.

Sunita from @luckythingsblog has two young daughters. Sunita is a lifestyle blogger who holds at wellness at the heart of what she does, from her HR consultancy to her lifestyle social meet ups it is clear Sunita cares about others and so I recently had the chance to ask Sunita about her upcoming Christmas and what she plans to do..

 What are your most vivid memories of Christmas as a child?
From about 8 years old we were always allowed to stay up late (or wake up) and open a few presents at midnight. Mum loves Christmas so she would say “oh go on, open one more”.  It meant that we all slept later in the morning! 
Another tradition is that we always have to wear something new on Christmas Day (and New Year’s Day). Even if it’s a pair of socks! 
I always loved opening at my stocking. To this day Mum knows I still expect to have one.
What family Christmas tradition are you hoping to carry on from your childhood?
 I love the whole decorating the tree tradition. I will always get the girls something new to wear for Christmas Day. I know we’ll have fun finding little treats for their stockings. 
Some new traditions for our little family…I’m hoping me and the girls can also carry on making our own Christmas cards. I love making my own cards so fingers crossed they will want to get creative with me! Big Munch loves gardening with her Daddy so I’m excited that they can plant our Christmas tree in the garden afterwards. That will be a lovely New Year tradition. 
Bringing old traditions into your children’s lives and making new ones is a huge part of your lives and sometimes the smallest act can turn into a yearly thing, that somehow makes it into your children’s, children’s lives.
So from wearing a new pair of socks on Christmas day to allowing your children to open a few gifts at midnight, this time of year brings back memories that we love to capture.
So have a little think…whether you’re a celebrating your child’s first Christmas or their sixth…what are you handing down to them?

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