Small business love

The below words were doing the rounds on social media yesterday.


It is true. Whenever a notification pings through on phone or laptop from Shopify informing me someone somewhere has ordered something, my heart does a little soar. Depending on where I am will depend on whether I break out into a happy dance but I get the words above…my response is a little mental happy dance. There is a momentary pause of ‘happy dance’ when you wonder if it is just your mum placing an order to make you feel good but then you see it is a real actual person, from a place you have not visited and their payment went through and so…boom, it is a genuine sale!

Small businesses are everywhere. I meet many of them when I do small pop up sales and I support so many of them through social media on Instagram. I hear many of them speak at Mother Meetings (the breading ground for many a fantastic business these days) and it seems small businesses are the thing.

One thing to remember about a small business is that it is the little things that drive them.

As some popstar once sang ‘ it’s not about the money, money, money…’ (well yeah it is but not in a greedy give me all your money kind of way…)

Below are the top ten ‘small business owners’ traits…..or maybe this is just me!

1.Your order is processed with love and care. I process your order. It takes me time, I take my time, I enjoy wrapping the items and I often think about what the person receiving will think when they open their parcel. I write the cards and I send it with love (yep, sounds a bit cheese but true)

2. I check each item before it leaves, a number of times…and then again..once more just to be sure before it gets wrapped!

3. I worry about your order, did it get there? How was it? What were the first impressions? Are they happy?

4. I frequent the local post office more than Busy Betty from next door. I know the names of the staff and I even know their busy times…which is super useful when rushing off to do the school run.

5. I care about you and your order long after our time has passed. I often think are they still wearing it? Are they ok?   but don’t worry..not in any kind of stalker way….

6. I deal with you as individuals. I answer my own mail, I personalise the interaction and try to make sure I do what I can to help, resolve or meet your requests.

7. Small business owners sell because they have strong faith/passion/obsession about what they do. I sell because I believe in my product. I truly believe it is a beautiful product that I want people to wear. I wear it, I want you to wear it.

8. I always want to always feel the same way when an order comes through.

9. I am always plotting, planning and sketching.

10. I secretly fantasise about becoming huge business that is seen on those big advert boards in airports…but not really because I am small and lovely and personal (but yeah, really I do)

So when you buy from a small business, especially over the Christmas period, give a little thought to the small business person behind the brand/product. They might be doing that ‘Happy Dance’ when you press ‘Order’





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  1. Kiran says:

    Lovely post! We all need to support small businesses a lot more. Hope you get to do your happy dance a lot this Christmas! Xx

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