I’m trying to…

Is a sentence I hear more frequently than I register. This morning in an epic late rush out of the door I asked my 6 year old to put on his socks and shoes. I will just repeat the request for you to register what it was I asked him to do…TO PUT ON HIS SOCKS AND SHOES. Now anyone with young children know, this ‘simple’ task can become the most painfully frustrating experience ever (if you are heavily pregnant right now you will also empathise with my 6 year old)…I was manically trying to get together everything else I should have done an hour previously (instead of hovering over instagram) and as I grabbed  the shoddily made sandwiches and a bag of junk (colouring pencils, paper, random cheap china badly made toys from stupidly remortgageyourhouse priced children magazines) I expected him to be by the door ready to go…but no, in the time it took me to make, pack and whip together food for the day my son had managed to get his socks NOWHERE NEAR HIS FEET.

M – ‘Come on, what are you doing..??’

S – ‘I am putting my socks on…’

M- Come on, go faster, we are late…’

S- I am, I am trying to…’

Cue silent minutes (hours, it felt like hours) of watching my young boy pour all of his energy, focus and determination into putting on his socks.




M- Let me help you…..

S- No I can do it…

And this went on…and we were late.

However it has me thinking…the banality of putting on a pair of socks is a daily quick and necessary task. However it was my sons moment of ‘TRYING’ and I couldn’t see it. I could just see we were late…because of a pair of socks..

I am constantly trying. I am trying to set up a business, I am trying to be the best mum I can be, I am trying to be an amazing wife, I am trying to keep everything tidy so our lives will be easier and we won’t be late. I am trying to build a brand. I am trying not to be afraid, I am trying to not compare, trying to be the best version of myself.

I am trying to make sure my kids are wearing socks when we go out…

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