Time to just get on with it!

So I am going to spend about 3 seconds thinking about how uncommitted I have been to my blog writing . . .

Ok, done and now for moving on.

I had the wonderful pleasure at the weekend of attending an afternoon of cocktails and beauty treatments organised by the lovely Sunita who writes the LuckyThingsBlog. I met Sunita at a Mothers Meeting about a month ago and in-between the constant interruptions from small people who have yet to develop the art of patience we briefly spoke about what we did and who we were. Fast forward a month and I am standing in The Drift which is a lovely bar just by Liverpool Street.

The event was aptly titled ‘Time To Shine’ and was about building confidence in whatever aspect of your life you feel you need it. Hats off to Sunita for organising the event, everyone there had such a lovely time and the Weleda hand massages weren’t too shabby either!!

Starting out on your own business you find yourself constantly seeking reassurances and confidence building moments, working on your own you do miss the odd adult telling you how great you are (even though we hate compliments..no we don’t..yes we do…) The reality is that no matter how confident you think you are, there are moments when it all comes crashing down. Moving from a career in education where I felt fairly confident about what I was doing to starting my own business has left me with more moments of doubt than I care to mention. I seek out words of reassurance and often treasure them more than the person offering them realises. It is worth remembering how your words can impact another!

Meeting some lovely bloggers gave me a few moments of clarity.


  1. It is okay to have a blog, in fact it seems most people have one and they started from the smallest of acorns, some people are now doing very well with their blogs and finding themselves considering new ventures which have started from their blogs.
  2. People do read blogs. I am never convinced people have the time but the more I meet bloggers the more I read about them and the more I find myself turning to their blogs when I have a few minutes spare…so yes, people do read them!
  3. I am actually influenced by what bloggers blog about. Much like the amazon reviews (which I am a total sucker for) I do like honesty and so when I come across a blogger who writes it as it is I enjoy the products they write about and more recently I have found myself clicking on the product they are blogging about.
  4. It helps me with my shopping. I am a terrible shopper. I can’t see the vision in outfits that some people can, I need to have a small amount of choice and I need it to work with a range of styles so when a blogger provides me with links to the jumper they are wearing that looks good with 4 different trousers/skirts I am won over!!

So my TimeToShine mission …I need a blog to help me get my words out there. EsmeLoves is more than just jewellery. I want to celebrate women and our roles. I want women to identify EsmeLoves as a jewellery brand for the generations of women they know. I want the stories of women, as mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters. I want the humour the reality and the honesty of who we all are in the great old game of life. I want people to use my blog as a place to share these stories and read about others.

So if you are still with me…then please bear with me…I will get better at blogging.

P.S I promise to include pictures in the next post!


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