I am just off to the blog

So writing a blog is a bit like going to the gym (I am discovering). In your head you are focused, you have a plan. You can see the outcome and you are excited about it, you bought the gear, you’ve packed the bag. You are ready and willing and then suddenly something comes up ‘i will go tomorrow, I can’t go now‘ or you get there and you think ‘well I am AT the gym, surely that counts‘ You know the key to success is regularity and consistency. Going to the gym once is not going to offer any real benefit. Writing just a couple of blog posts are not going to do much for my business.

As a busy mum of two trying to juggle as many balls as I can (we all know how busy mums can get) it can be hard to find the time to sit and write, and when you do suddenly find the time, you are often uninspired to write anything of any interest, unless you want to read about how I just descaled the washing machine (yep, rock and roll people) so why would I choose to write a blog?

Well, I have started a new business EsmeLoves, which in my dreamy head will be a huge brand one day…and I think writing about it will help me communicate the ideas and passions I have for EsmeLoves. I also want to personalise my business. I want people to know there is a person behind the brand, that the business is being built by a real woman (me) who is working very hard to build something from scratch.

So my blog aims to echo my journey, my theme and my brand. I need to be consistent, build up momentum and then with time, the effects will come. The payout from writing on a regular basis will be a stronger, focused and lean (oh wait..not the gym) will hopefully be humour and honesty as well as the theme of women and jewellery.


Last week I did a little sale, a local one which I love. Why? Because you get meet lovely people who just pop along for ‘nothing special really, just browsing‘ but I get the chance to talk about the brand and why I created my business. When they hear about the aim to celebrate relationships and how the jewellery is aimed at both a Grandmother and a Granddaughter, they look a little closer. The start to think about who they might buy something for. They think of their niece, their daughter or God daughter and they smile, ‘oh, Lucy would love this‘ as they pick up the EsmeLoves necklace Gold, ‘blue is her favourite colour‘ and the small act of thinking of the person, reminds them of who they are and what they love about them.


#womeninbusiness #startups #jewellery #relationships #love #women


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