EsmeLoves collection


What inspires me and motivates me can change daily. A quick scan of Instagram will give me a multitude of outfit possibilities (until I look in my wardrobe to discover I own nothing similar ….so back to the jeans…) Another quick scan of Instagram will inspire me to want to redecorate my children’s bedroom so it is all black and white and Swedish looking with lovely pastel furnishing and beautiful toys (that should never be played with as they are too nice) Then during my Yoga workout I decide that my poses look nothing like the ones on Instagram and it is because I do not own the really expensive yoga outfit I saw on the internet and if I owned the outfit then my poses would be so much more Om. Please don’t let me talk about dinner options or healthy snacks for the children I should be making with Chia seeds and dates…..

It can be very hard to know yourself in this day and age, to understand what motivates you and be true to your own style and ideas. It is easy to be both put off and motivated in one clean sweep of the internet when you see people out there doing their thing. When building a start up I have to keep coming back to what inspires me and why I set out to create my own jewellery business. During the course of my journey I have often been tempted to move away from my story, not because I don’t believe in it but because it is easy to be distracted sometimes from what matters, what we are trying to achieve. There are so many hurdles along the way that you don’t always look back and see where you have come from.

EsmeLoves comes from very humble beginnings. My inspiration comes from the simple act of saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ To my mum, my sister, my daughter and friends. The core collection of EsmeLoves came from the baby bangle, I wanted to give something to my daughter (even as a baby) that she would keep and wear as she grew. Similar to a christening bracelet, Silver is often considered a gift of luck and the rose quartz stone means love. The design of the charm was then taken to the small necklace and the bracelet which would be something I would wear. The collection then grew to suit different needs, I wanted a collection that would appeal to both a Grandmother and Granddaughter, the long charm necklace with a larger rose quartz has turned out to be my favourite and is easy to wear with many outfits. The range of styles means that many women can have the same item and wear them in different ways, the idea that four women in the same family might own something from the collection that shows their connection, their love and meaning.


I keep coming back to this, to the core mission of celebrating our relationships. It is hard to stay connected in such a fast changing world and despite considering myself to be fairly savvy on the internet, I know my children will become adults in a very different digital world. My Grandparents never got to grips with the changing digital world; the online way to keep connected, but my relationship with my Grandmother was so special when growing up. The fact that now a collection of jewellery can be worn by both her and my own young daughter creates connections which can be carried through, despite the generation gap between them.


The women in my family inspire me daily, from old sayings my Grandmother used to say to me to the stories my mum tells me about what I was like as a baby, I hear their words all the time and as I have grown into a mother I feel their inspiration and influence more than ever before.

How do you stay connected to the women in your family?




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