Sunday Sunday


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend enjoying the sun and time with your lovely friends and families. Sunday’s always make me feel nostalgic, it was always a real family day for me growing up, whether it was driving to visit Grandparents for lunch or a day out at a National Trust house, there was a real sense of it being a Sunday and people just got together and did Sunday stuff. For fear of showing my age (and offending people), Sundays were also the days where you sort of had no choice, there were no real shops open, the TV consisted of 4 channels and Songs of Praise seemed to be on for most of the day and oh…. there was no internet (shock horror) so Sunday was a day of rest, play and family.

Fast forward to today and Sunday is in fear of being pretty much the same as every other day. Lots of people work on Sunday’s, shops are most definitely open and we use the day as an extension of a week day when we just didn’t get round to doing the things we needed to do. When you have kids though you seem to make Sunday a replica of what you once knew, even without trying. Perhaps it is the familiarity or the desire to pass down small family traditions that seemed more apparent on a Sunday. Growing up we always had a Sunday tea – which was basically cake, sandwiches and crumpets – The Antiques Roadshow was often humming away in the background and if we were lucky we were allowed to watch a movie, aka a VHS video of which the choice was Mary Poppins or The Jungle Book (just reading that last sentence makes me feel very very old) However it was enough, we knew no different and it was the simple excitement of eyeing up a Mr Kipling French Fancy cake before someone else nabbed the chocolate one. If we visited Grandparents it often involved a trip to the cricket club where my Grandad was a member to watch the Sunday match. If we were just at home, my Dad would my sister and I swimming whilst my mum caught up on the ironing listening to The Archers on the radio.

and there is ironing to be done-2


This morning we went to the local cricket club to watch my son play.

This afternoon my mum called me, the conversation went something like this

Mum: Hi, what are you doing?

Me: I am about to tackle a massive pile of ironing

Mum: Oh yes, I used to do all the ironing on a Sunday when your dad took you and your sister swimming.

Me: Arh…

Mum: Where are the kids?

Me: They have gone swimming with their dad.


Like Mother like Daughter.

The driving passion behind EsmeLoves jewellery is remind us all of the connections we have as mothers, daughter, sisters and friends. The simple act of ironing on a Sunday is mundane and somewhat obvious act however it is a reminder of the journey we take, me as the daughter who was off swimming and now me as the mother who stayed to tackle the mountain of ironing (oh and who got distracted by writing this blog post and therefore did not really get through much ironing) We somehow cycle back round to the past things we knew, the things that were familiar and somehow weened their way into the present.

See below for some lovely available from the website now.



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