Women women everywhere


I am completely overwhelmed by how many women out there who are doing their thang! Everywhere, around the world there are mamma’s creating and running successful businesses, often started once their little bubbles of joy have arrived. As if mums of young children have nothing else to do, we suddenly discover the urge to create our businesses. So why do we want to do this? I have been reading a lot about startups. Partly because I am starting my own business up, admittedly very very slowly. I am intrigued, terrified, excited and proud to feel I can start up my own business but I am also obsessed with women who are doing the same, they all look like they know what they are doing…and I feel I don’t!

Reading the website heymama I found myself face to face (screen to face) with beautiful women with their gorgeous bubs talking about what they do and why. So many of them talk about their passion and inspiration coming from their children, their idea for clothing, toys, designs sparked by their little muses. Does becoming a mother unleash something we previously ignored? My start up is a jewellery business, EsmeLoves (named after my own little inspiring muse) a small but delightful collection that aims to connect and celebrate our relationships, through the generations of mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Jewellery is something I have always been drawn to (seriously, who hasn’t?); from my fascination with the clip on earrings my Grandmother wore daily to colourful gems discovered on one of my many travels around the world. I love hearing the significance of why people wear the jewellery they do, the story and the meaning. I have my own relationship with jewellery, I am not organised enough to match my jewellery with my bag on a daily basis (hell, I am lucky if I am dressed most mornings) but I do like to wear beautiful pieces of jewellery that will take me through the years. When I wear a necklace, I will wear for a long time. I will admit, though, it was not a career journey I set out to take; instead, I wanted to be an actor, then a teacher (the latter being my main passion for the last 15 years) However having children changed something for me. It was after the birth of my daughter 3 years ago that I finally allowed myself to follow something that up until that point had been just a whimsical ‘what if?’ In my moment of post-birth strength of I can climb a mountain and run a marathon whilst nursing a newborn and caring for a very active 2 year old son (I am woman I am strong), I told my husband of my ideas, my passions for my business idea and being the 21st century amazing husband he is, he supported me and told me to go for it…and he reminds me daily.

So here I am. Treading a new path, learning a new trade and carving out a different journey to the one I was previously taking. However by the looks of it, so are many other women out there and so I am not alone. Plus, us women are fantastic at walking the talk and hell, we are capable of producing small human beings so I am pretty sure I am capable of building a small business.

#startup #womeninbusiness #jewellery #motherdaughter #inspiration



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